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Your concern Our contribution
You entertain suspicion that irregularities take place in your company.
We help you to take immediate action, to secure and analyse evidence, to establish the facts and the possible damage as well as the liabilities.
You became the victim of a serious fraud and wish to take the right entrepreneurial and legal measures.
We assist you globally in tracing, securing and repatriating misappropriated assets. We jointly develop an ideal strategy to interact with authorities, shareholders, employees and customers as well as with the media.
You would like to know whether your company is sufficiently protected against criminal acts.
Following our joint risk analysis you set up the necessary organisational measures in order to minimise the probability or the impact of a possible damage.
You entertain suspicion that one of your clients might be involved in money laundering.
We globally and discreetly gather background information about your client, assist you in analysing previous transactions and advise you how to comply with regulatory requirements.
As a financial intermediary you would like to manage business related money laundering risks efficiently and cost-effective. We assist you in establishing an individual risk analysis as well as in implementing and reviewing risk based measures in the areas of customers, services, transaction and organisation.

You have received an order by a prosecutor or
regulator to provide him with information and to produce documents.

We help you to safeguard your and your client's interests and to negotiate practicable solutions with the authority in charge of the case.